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Gordon's Ace Hdwr - ICE MELT 20# BAG ACE


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Brand Name: Ace
*Chemical Composition: Sodium Chloride, Magnesium Chloride and MG-104
*Pet Friendly: No
*Product Type: Ice Melt
*Container Size: 20 lb.
*Product Form: Granule
*Lowest Effective Temperature: -10 deg. F
*Packaging Type: Bagged
*Formulated to melt ice faster and resist re-freezing.
*Improved custom-blended formula.
*Rapid ice melting performance.
*Melts ice and snow down to -10?F (-23?C).
*Resists re-freezing, reducing the need for additional applications.
*Contains sodium chloride, magnesium chloride and MG-104 blend.
*Safer on air-entrained, cold weather concrete that is at least one-year-old compared to conventional ice melters when used as directed.
*Does not require gloves or goggles.
*Safer to handle ? will not burn skin.
*High-visibility package graphics, selling features and bilingual labels.
*Improved custom blend optimizes melting performance.
*Will not harm pets or vegetation, when applied as directed.
*Do not use on new concrete less than one-year-old, it must be at least one-year-old or more.
*Please be sure to follow all instructions and guidelines on the retail package.
*Pallet Quantity: 120 Bags

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