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Gordon's Ace Hdwr - ICE MELT MAG CHL 50LB BG


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Brand Name: Safe Step
*Sub Brand: 8300
*Chemical Composition: Magnesium Chloride
*Pet Friendly: No
*Product Type: Ice Melt
*Container Size: 50 lb.
*Product Form: Granule
*Packaging Type: Bagged
*Lowest Effective Temperature: -15 deg. F
*Safer for people, pets, lawns and concrete when used as directed
*Top performance. Best environmental safety.
*Faster than other products for melting ice.
*Unique hygroscopic action attracts moisture immediately.
*100% magnesium chloride hexahydrate melts ice down to -15ºF/-26ºC.
*Unique crystal shape doesn?t blow or roll away, product is NOT a pellet.
*Naturally made and environmentally friendly.
*US EPA Safer Choice Certification.
*Naturally extracted from the Great Salt Lake.
*Harvested in an ecologically responsible process.
*Produced through solar evaporation for a lower carbon footprint.
*Contains 33% less chloride than calcium chloride and sodium chloride products for less runoff into our rivers and streams.
*Provides maximum ice melting performance without sacrificing safety.
*Won't irritate skin.
*Less toxic than baking soda - doesn't irritate pet paws, safer for plants.
*Safer for concrete and other surfaces.
*Causes significantly less cracking,

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